Slam her against a door - simply grab her and push her back into the door. Press yourself into her and start making out with her aggressively. This can also work on a wall, but you have to be more careful not to bump into anything (it can hurt and break her out of the moment).
Pull her hair - For foreplay, stay behind her, kissing her neck, and pull her hair back - girls really go crazy for this. Or, when you’re doing her doggy style which is a dominant position, you can enhance your dominance by pulling her hair (the closer to the roots the better) and saying dirty words to her.
Pin her down - girls love when they are being controlled, and give her a dirty little smirk while you’re at it. Pin her hands above her head while you are making out; she’s bound to go crazy.
Fuck her hard, fast, and deep - the more you comprehend this the better. Be the alpha male. Girls go crazy for that shit.. seriously eat it right up, especially if you keep a nice, steady pace that will leave their thighs and legs sore. Thrust your hips against hers. Don’t stop.
Manhandle her into a position - show her you’re the boss. Make her feel good by switching positions, the right ones, and this will also keep you both lasting longer. You do not want to be boring. Grab her by the legs, arms, waist, or really any body part necessary to get into the position you want to fuck in.
Be touchy - and what I mean by this is squeeze her ass, grab her breasts, and get a good grip on her hips. Also do the above with your hands. Hickies are trashy when visible, but a good reminder of what a great time you hand when found in places only she will know about. The best kept secret. A girl will love your touch anywhere it is, and the harder you grip the more she is yours.
Get creative - This is seriously the biggest thing to do. Have an idea? You might as well try it. The worst she can do is tell you to stop it, but nine times out of then she won’t, and even more chances are that she will love it just as much as you are. The best times in the bedroom are those spent experimenting.

this is so true but written in such a cringey manor. ‘girls love that shit’ ahaha.

Take notes children, this is how it’s done.


Fuck Yeah Horny Asian Girls


lol babe.

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